Vigilante City Point-Crawl




I have been a busy little creative Shield waller. I wanted to upscale the original Vigilante city map to something about the size of the Doomvault map, to use as a Point Crawl map for my soon coming Supers Campaign.

With permission from Hank I decided to make it publically available.
In the link you will find the PNG and later in in response to @Ezzerharden request I will upload the TIFF file so you can mess around with it in Photoshop

p.s I uploaded my Charactersheet for the campaign, using the idea from @KaneDriscol with the SP.
Swapped a couple of things around and made it more fitting what I think would be usefull for the World setting


This is a Fan work and direct copy of the original works from Runehammer.
Always ask the Original artist if you copy his work and want to share it.


Well done, looks cool! Do you have other plans for it?


So Far only as the Point Crawl. My idea was to place tokens to mark places where stuff is happening. Players get an overview of the city.

For the future, I have the file in multiple layers, I can change the colour scheme, destroy, change and swap as I like. Maybe when we are done with Vigilante, take the map, change the names, Flip it and turn it into a different city in a different era


love this! thank you!
i am currently working on my own Super ICRPG game and this map is gonna help a ton!!!


I could imagine this being used almost as a west marches type campaign, or where occasionally multiple things are going on at once and you need to make the tough decisions.
cool stuff, thanks for sharing.


Thats kind of the idea.

Make a few rolls on the “This week in Vigilante City…” also throw down some Block events, and the city should be busy and have a cool sandbox feeling in a limited but still large space. 36 Locations is quite a lot but I think it is managable.

I will upload a new version later, I increased the size of the Pin points by 25%, makes them stand out more and is visually more pleasing to my eye at least


I Expanded my Map into a full Broshure, in the google drive link is the PDF version


This is awesome! I actually was looking to make a similar map. But decided to check if I could copy someone’s homework.
Unfortunately the link is broken, could you reupload pretty please :pray:t3:


This is great! Just starting to looking into running some Vigilante City games and this would be really nice to have. Any chance to get a working link? Thanks!


Sorry, I was not online for quite some time. The new link is down below


Same too you, sorry I did not see the message until now



Man, I have some TMNT minis that need to be dusted off. A new city for them to run around and explore would be sweet! Thanks, this is looking great!


No worries, thanks for the reply and for updating the link! This will come in handy Thursday night!