Vigilante Academy: A New Vigilante City Expansion



Pick it up here!


Well, give us an intro to your work! lol


It’s so good to see an expansion for Vigilante City, nice work!


Right! So the main feature of this is 30 new POWERS, to create a total of a D50 table when combined with the OG setting. That’s the main value of this, easily. It also comes with a D20 Street Loot Table for stuff you’d get from Street Level villains and a D100 Heroic Loot Table for the more high powered stuff. I also introduce Archetypes, which can kind of replace traits, but are meant to make up a bit for the scale back in power represented by using a “teenagers in high school” setting. I’m a big fan of the “roll and then choose” character creation method so you’ll see that featured as well.


The one thing I want to add is more enemies/villains so I’ll probably add a Bestiary doc as an included add on to this sometime down the road. I do have an “enemy roller” kind of setup in this one though that’s inspired by the Nomus from My Hero Academia, they’re essentially Golems of different levels that have roll-able abilities, powers and upgrades.


Now also featuring an Artless Version!