Vanilla EZD6 player character for kids


Hello all,

A new school year begins and with that brings new quests and questions. This year I am going to try to use EZD6 with the students and I am wondering if anyone has ideas for a basic or vanilla character as most of the kids I work with can’t handle too much so classes, extra abilities, long lists of magic and so on are a bit much to dive into for them. I also want to allow it to be a blank slate so they can turn their character into what they want as they play, and switch if they so choose; I will be taking a bit of the LOOT system from ICRPG for this so if they have a wand they can cast magic until they lose it and so on.

Maybe an average on Health and Armor that has seemed to work well? I will let them pick a Boon to boost as well. My gut tells me 3 HP and Medium armor but I’d love to hear what folks have to say.


Give each character a Karma Ring with six charges and a Glock 19 with a spare mag… :imp: No boons necessary. They’ll be fine. :sunglasses:


It’s hard to gauge in advance what mechanics will be too complex. An insight from developmental psychology might afford a margin of error that’s more forgiving. Broadly speaking, children have an easier time understanding motor movement compared to abstract concepts. Using that fact, you could try coupling in-game abilities with real-world, physical actions. For example, poking a beanbag with a pencil might correspond to a ‘Pierce Armor’ ability; lifting a monster token corresponds to using telekinesis. In this way, you can include a wider range of mechanics, and keep things exciting for yourself and your players.


Though those are interesting ideas, I’ve been running a d6 campaign with these kids for years (Frankensteined from Hero Kids and ICRPG) so that is well within their grasp but lengthy spell conditions or a lot of extra feats, tags, abilities and so on is what they struggle with the most. The question is not if they can understand how to use rpg’s but a generic character they can all use as a starting base character as opposed to having a class that adds in a lot of extra detail. These kids change their mind on what they want to be in game a lot through the school year so I don’t want them stuck with a “class” and, again, that brings a lot to the table to remember. I’m just looking for an average stat block for health and such for them to use as a jumping off point and since I haven’t specifically played EZD6 myself I want to make sure I’m not throwing things into chaos by changing some stuff up.


Good ol’ Murica right?


I think you have it nailed already, Looten. 3 Hits, armor with 5+ save, and a boon sounds perfect. Toss them some extra equipment (weapon, travel gear, etc) and they’re good to go.


Yeah? Ok, thank you! I just didn’t want to leave them too weak but if that looks like it will be good I’ll go with that.