Valentia, Continent of Ages quickstart



After many months of work I am finaly at a point where i can give the alpha version of the settings quickstart for all those who have the playtest draft this is bite sized sample built to test new players while giving GM’s a region they can venture outward from the adventure inside.

I hope you all enjoy it.

feel free to post any feedback here


This looks pretty good! I had to skim through fast but I’ll read it more in depth later. I like what you have so far! Keep up the hard work.


I plan on it, lots of reviewing to. I found around 7 typos or bad wording making this alone. I can’t thank the Kiln community for helping me get this far, I want this to be a fantasy setting you could play for years in


Awesome, you’re on a good track! If you ever need help proofreading, I’d gladly help you out. I tend to over-analyze when reading LOL.


Over analyzing isn’t horrible if used properly. I do have a core draft I’m reviewing as we speak. If you want a link let me know. If your part of kanes Kiln Discord you can find it there


Congrats, man! This is awesome! :herocoin: :herocoin:


the making of it or the content?


Thank you Dryscythe and your table for testing the original playtest, your players have been immortalized in the NPC’s of the world


for anyone interested in the playtest here is the playtest discord link


Looking to start playtests as soon as next month. each region will be tested from top to bottom as well as there is a good chance your characters will be immortalized as NPC’s for others to encounter in their adventures


ill be making an update to the doc once all the matching info has been updated in the core document, hoping to make the update soon


Hoping to add act 2 to the adventure. The dark ritual


updated to draft 2.0 with alot of cosmetic changes but most of all the player types are up to date as well as the spells


updating to 3.0 with the new monster library for the wandering monsters. expect nearly 20 monsters to keep your players guessing


update to 3.0 complete minus the status conditions