Underlair of the Demonlord Mercedes Sodacan, Day 2


Keeping up my level a day promise with level 2 and 2a. Living guns you can talk to, an exploding corpse, and “mutant birth porridge”. Good luck!


“Mutant birth porridge.”

It needed to be said again. Looks great, dude!


Oh this looks sublime!

This reads a lot like something from Last Gasp Grimoire (which is an awesome resource for creep crazy ideas, by the way). Or perhaps Fleshscape which I just discovered today.

Thank you for sharing!


I don’t see level 2A anywhere. My plans to run some suckers friends through this have been accelerated: we’re going to play Monday! So I’m trying to get myself sufficiently familiarized with it to do this justice.


Rooms 4 and 5 constitute 2A. The transporter in room 2 is connected to room 4.

Let me know how it goes, and what adjustments you make!


Oh, I see it now. Perfect. Thanks!

What kind of character loads do you recommend? Vanilla characters with simple weapons, or did you expect them to have some decent LOOT in order to even get past the first level?


I think 6pt build and a roll on the sci fi loot table. And give outs so every encounter doesn’t have to end in a fight - CHA rolls, stealth etc

If they’re smart, the first 3 levels don’t have to be a blood bath. After that…well, good luck to them.


I’m so stoked to run them through this! Thanks!