Two for Wednesday! FULL GAME


Broken Kingdom (ICRPG)

The final era of a dying, shattered world. The sun fades more and more with each year. The Last City is a bastion where all peoples have gathered waiting for the inevitable. But hope has been discovered, a singular small mote of light in the darkness. The Spark. This small stone glows from within and shows a form of higher sentience not seen before. It leads if you will follow, pointing beyond the Last City, past the hordes of the unmade that gather outside the Wall. Legend tells of a Reactor at the core of this broken planet, the Spark is it’s heart and is fabled to hold the power to bring back the sun and restore life to the dying land.

WHO: 2 heroes
WHEN: Wednesday, May 15th @ 6pm Pacific
WHERE: Roll20
WHY: because the dice want to be rolled and we should appease our polyhedral overlords.

Keywords: science fantasy, 80’s arcade inspired, dangerous, gonzo action