Trudvang board game


For those interested… It’s awhile from now, but Trudvang is being designed into a board game.


That looks sweet. I just got the Brook City game (80s Cop Show vibe) and figure between it, LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth, Arkham Horror 3e constantly getting new content, and still having Secrets of the Lost Tomb scenarios to run through… well, it might be awhile before I can justify any new BG purchases. But this one will definitely be on my list when the time comes!

The rune pulling mechanic sounds inspired. Reminds me a bit of Yggdrasil.

On the plus side, BG wise, our little group just finished the Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy Campaign. It was a hoot.


I better sell my copy of the Trudvang RPG set soon then :grin: