Treasure & Value



Some of the loot tables have a ‘value’ column, with items ranging from 1-10+. But what is this column for exactly? If a group finds a pouch of gold (page 298), does the group get 2 hero points, divided up between the players?


Pretty much. If they find a treasure cache or if you need to know how much a job is paying, it’s a good way to gauge how much to give. You can also roll on that table and give out what is stated. They can then cash it in once they get to safety.

Depending on how big the treasure found is, it could be just x Hero Points in total to divide up as a bonus for the adventure OR it could be X Hero Points EACH if that WAS the adventure (or if you are feeling generous!).

An example of this in my personal game, the Crown players have been asked to do work by the Crown and the Skull players are asking for pay. I picked 14. Box of Coin as the visual example of what Lord Pickins is willing to pay the Skull PCs each (3 HP).


Ah, i see. So i’m factoring in treasure with the hero points.

Earlier in the book it mentions that a typical run of the mill adventure, spanning maybe two sessions, would roughly get the players 3 hero points each… but that’s just for completing the task at hand, or ‘deed’ as the book calls it.

If i’m adding in treasure on top, then how many hero points should an individual player receive for a two session/deed?

I’ll be the only GM in this area for this, and really wanna get it off the ground, but there’s no XP like other games so i’m trying to figure out how to pace these points in a fun, memorable, challenging manor. If anyone could give me some examples of their games, that’d be awesome!

Bonus - If the treasure translates to hero points, then what do the players actually DO with the treasure when they get to town?


Hankerin has gone on the record to give up to 5 Hero Points per session when playing hard, and that should get your players to 100 total hero points before any Flaws in about 10 sessions. Keep in mind that some adventures won’t end in a safe area and they may not be able to spend them and can sit on 12 to 15 points at a time. At this point of having total of 100 to 150 Hero Points, it might be time to retire the characters, per Hankerin’s suggestion in an interview.

I’ve personally given about a little more than 5 points on average session (I’ve completed 7 sessions and they’ve earned 38). I say 3 to 5 HP per adventure is a great number. Less if you want the game to grow slower for longer.

As for what the Players actually do with the treasure is spend it A La Conan the Barbarian! They party and feast! They buy new equipment or pay for training of new or existing skills! The spell casters buy new reagents to make new spells or find Elder Wizards and offer tributes!


I see. The point value of the loot is acquired at time of trade for goods/services.

Oof… that could result in some spicy table talk. “You find a large gem” Players, all at once “MINE!”


Keep in mind that some more unique treasure may be worth more to certain people or entities. Some of the more advanced treasure has no stated price, but can be PRICELESS to the right person.

My players were given the Heart of Hasgar by the Emperor Stag in the Shadow Glades near Slimshire AFTER they defeated a vermin god that was trying to infest the region. They were able to save the Emperor Stag and were bestowed that gift. It has not listed value. However, if they can investigate more about it and realize they can get it to Ullr Giants, then maybe something great will happen.