Treasure Value



What is everyone’s interpretation of that line item? For example, a Pouch of Gold (page 298) has a value of 2 hero points.

Is that an exchangeable value? For instance, I want to make an upgrade to a piece of gear or spend it paying for training of a skill?

That’s my thought process anyway.


The way I’ve run it is when they have been dungeon diving and they end up fighting other adventurers and defeat them, they steal their bag of gold (equal to 2 Hero Points). This takes up an inventory slot and can be destroyed. It is not safe or cashed in until they reach safe civilization. This would be extra points to spread out after successful adventure points are awarded.


Agreed. Treasure’s value works like Hero Points, but it’s not the nebulous kind awarded too you. Therefore it’s not safe and subject to attrition.

It also does not work toward the goal of earning 25 Hero Points for chosing Crown or Skull.


I mean, if they take it home and cash it out, then I would mark it as a win towards their crown or skull choice.

Of course, I wouldn’t leave bundles of gold or treasure lying around often, and I wouldn’t make it too easy to get home without some highway men or other creatures going after it. I hope they roll well on their Hex rolls… :smirk:


I like your way of thinking!


This is really interesting as I would still like to have some value in treasures/gold hunting. From what you’re saying here that these treasure/gold are potential Hero Points that can be cashed in when PCs are safe and in civilization. So let’s say after the PCs complete a dungeon dive and come back with treasure they’ll recieve 3 Hero Points for completing the dungeon and addtiional 2 Hero Points for said treasure. Is that more or less how you run it? This seems pretty cool.

It makes me think about how Shadowdark makes Treasure/Gold worh XP. I like this idea as I think it’ll make sense that Hero Points represents a PCs abstract collection of resources.


This is exactly how I would run it!

And the bigger the treasure, the harder the situation to get and to get it back to civilization! Sometimes an old tapestry that is worth a lot (5 points) is very delicate and difficult to transport! But if they do, they get 8 hero points in one excursion!

If they hear of a deadly troll protecting some highly valuable statues and gems, they can just outsmart the troll or fight it and risk death! Killing monsters doesn’t grant HP, but maybe it is a foe worthy of a deed!


I’ve been running my games this way.

I have five players. I award each of them 3 HP for completing a Deed and have a pool of 15 HP for treasure. I let them roll on one of the tables whenever there’s an opportunity to find some loot. Once they reach 15 HP worth of goodies - that’s it.

I too keep Deed HP separate from Treasure HP for the purpose of calculating things like Renown, Crown or Skull advances, etc, and allow the player’s to choose what they do with their treasure.

e.g. Do you save the potion to drink later, or sell it for HP?

I think it’s a great, and very flexible, reward system



This is the way. Good stuff.


In your example how does that fare at tour table? Could any PC always trade in their equipment for HP? If so do you value them at the same value as stated on the Rulebook?


Hi Jenetiks

It goes really well.

My players are fully aware they’re trading their ability to absorb Attrition, so they’re very mindful when they do trade gear. They don’t tend to trade items they’ve spent HP upgrading. It’s usually either poor loot they’ve found (like from the Junk and Flotsam table) or, for example, they’ve just acquired 5 HP through adventuring but need 6 to get that next upgrade/advance before the next adventure, so they’ll sell something.

I like to keep things simple at the table, so everything is indeed valued as in the rulebook, whether buying or selling.

I only have two rules:

  • Crossed-off items can’t be traded.
  • Only the player selling the item gets the HP

I know that second rule might be a bit controversial with some folk, but it keeps it simple at my table.

You see, other than fixed investments in things like Skills, Magic, etc., I see HP as a fluid resource that my players can use freely. As long as they’re not trying to abuse that, I’m happy to allow my players to manipulate their characters however they like.

Of course, this is just my table. Other folk might have a better or more interesting method?



That 2nd rule may be considered controversial if players are super selfish.

I’ve played it where if the treasure’s HP amount is less than the number of players, the PC that cashes it in gets to keep it or give it to someone else.

If the treasure’s HP amount is greater than the number of players, then they split it evenly AND THEN any remainder can be allocated to the specific player cashing it in.

This works out great because the Warrior will be like “I need 2 more points and I can improve my weapon to DEADLY!” or they’ll say “Oh snap! That spell is super useful! I have this treasure and you can take that HP to add another casting of it!”

If one PC is more powerful, it is not by a significant margin and it is to make the party more powerful!


I think it’s good practice to try to leave enough hero points worth of loot for everyone to enjoy using them. It does not need to be even all the time, as players are usually good at managing things themselves.


Great idea, gonna use that! :heart: