Translating the C&S names into German



Hallo there!

Since I am not living in an English speaking country I have the urge to translate most things, if possible. I’d like to keep as many meanings as possible though. And I am happy for every idea, translation, whatsoever to contribute to my humble try-outs.
My first attempt resembles the Stout Folk.
Since Stout is a kind of beer as well as it bears the meaning strong, I was looking for something similiar in German. The only thing I could think of was the “Bock”. Taking the meaning for a strong beer (Bock-Bier) as well as the meaning of a young male animal like a he-goat or something, sometimes associated with power. It also brings a lot of other funny dwarven related meanings, like stubborn or simple-minded.
What do you think about this attempt? Any suggestions?


Hi there, for our english reading shield wall: I am also german speaking and keen to find poeple in germany who are into C&S.

@yog, ich finde die Idee mit “Bock”-Volk ganz schön. Die bockigen. Es ist eine Bezeichnung die spricht und erzählt zumal es der auch als engstirnig bezeichnete Eigenschaft von diesem Volk entspricht. Bockstark. Etc.

The “Steinbock” Stein=Stone is referred to as the king of the Alpes.


Hi Ocram,

I jioned the shield wall only now as I was late to the party getting ICRPG. Now I am really interested in C&S. Haven’t ordered the books yet nor had time for a deep dive, but I am quite intrigued by everything I have seen so far!

@yog: Stout has had historical meanings of “strong headed” and “proud” as well, so “stur” and “stolz” could be alternatives too. Your reference to “Bock” certainly makes sense in that light too!

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@GMDnik21 samesame for me. I see your point. Though I really liked the idea of yog and relating to the mighty creatures of the mountaines and imagening that there might be armour or helmets that mimic or derive from the capricorn (Bock) make me feel this is a promising approach.


I really like the idea how the Capricorn would be central to the art and symbolism of their culture especially when culminating in bang the heads against each other after a full charge to solve any argument :smiley:


BTW Has anyone of you two ordered the physical book yet @Ocram @yog? Any experience with custom duty and delivery?


Noch nicht komplett. Habe gestern bei Sphärenmeister bestellt. Habe aber noch keine Rückmeldung, ob das wirklich klappen wird oder ob der Umfang auch das PDF umfasst.

Rural dwarfs worshipping a capricorn god would remind me of some kind of some kind of sabbatical magick circle. I certainly like it!


I am on the verge. I wanted to order today. But I wonder if we could join venture in this issue.


An den Sphärenmeister hab ich noch gar nicht gedacht, das klappt normalerweise ganz gut mit dem Import. Ich habe bei ihm z.B. die beiden OSE-Tomes gekauft und es war tatsächlich zu dem selben umgerechnet Einzelhandelspreis aus den USA. Die PDFs hatte ich aber schon vorher aus einem Humble Bundle. Du hast wahrscheinlich eine Vorbestellung aufgegeben, oder?
Ich muss nochmal schauen, ich habe auch schonmal aus England inklusive PDFs bestellt, aber der Name ist mir entfallen.

@Ocram what would you suggest?


Ich dachte man sammelt die Bestellungen, vielleicht macht Runehammer das mit? Keine Ahnung ob das geht. So wie ich das verstehe sinken die Kosten für den Versand. Andererseits bleiben natürlich die Importkosten. So in etwa. Oder so.