Torrent RPG free quickstart is live!


Hey friends!

The official free quickstart for Torrent RPG is now live on Drive Thru RPG, and also available on our website. I’d love to see the Shield Wall get some reps in with it.

Torrent RPG is a D10 RPG system about covert operators in a continent at war. The design is centered on simplicity, adaptability, and lethality. Torrent RPG has a fast-moving system and a compelling world full of secrets for you and your friends to explore and conquer. Classless characters make creating your vision for a character simple and fast.

Here’s some feedback from playtesters:

I’ve had the privilege of being a playtester on the new fantasy TTRPG called Torrent. This game was not something I was initially looking for, but it has left me craving more games to see what else is possible in the world of Torrent.

  • Jon

You’ve crafted a real gem of a ttrpg! I’ve played MANY systems, and yours is easily in my top 5 favorites. Slimmed down mechanics with no bloated or confusing rules is absolutely the way go. Thanks for the dope experience!

  • Og

You can download the quickstart from DTRPG, or sign up for our mailing list and get it emailed to you instantly on our website!

Also, if you’d like to get into a game, you can join us on Discord, the link is on our website.

Thanks everyone!


Hell yes, dude! Knocking out those milestones like dominos! :raised_hands::heart::herocoin:


Congrats on the quickstart release, that’s a big step!