Tools for EZD6


Hello all. After getting approval, I posted this tool thing I made to the internets, mostly on Discord. Thought I’d put it here too for anyone who may have missed it.

It can make an EZD6 character in one click and also has some other tools for the RR.


You got permission from Scotty or Hankerin for this?


Yes, from Scotty before I posted it anywhere.

Edit: he had it pinned in his Discord server at some point too


Roger that! Thanks for confirming.


Pretty slick. What rules does use for selecting equipment?



I did alter the format a bit from the books. Instead of every rolling for the 4 groups of common and specially gear, it makes a number of rolls based on their wealth. Also, I’ve lumped all the gear together so a character could have all rope - for example. Thought it could be a fun way to help flesh out a backstory and make more use of wealth.

Edit: after checking my files, equipment rolls equal wealth * 3.

In the future, should put a link to my notes somewhere on the tool’s page.


This is very helpful!
Thanks for your work.



Thank you for your feedback! Glad it could be of use to you!