Token Template?


Years ago, I remember there being a handy online tool for converting any .PNG into a red-ringed ICRPG-looking token. Could anyone please provide me with a link to this resource?


Here you go!


The ICVTT also has a built-in token maker to match the ICRPG style if you need.


ICVTT has a token maker (pencil icon, lower left on screen) built right into it. Just creat a game and log in. You can also export the blank ring in any color you choose to edit in an external app.


I thought ICVTT was offline and that we needed to install it now?


You might be thinking of Owlbear Rodeo V1. ICVTT is still available at


I got so confused then. Thank you for telling me! Long live ICVTT! :vulcan_salute: