I was looking thru the book and noticed that under the tier 4 reward of Path OF IRON it says "

Take 2 HEARTS of INT EFFORT to create a supreme weapon of your own design.

What does Take 2 HEARTS of INT EFFORT refer to? Just roll effort till the player make it or is there some rule I’m missing for creating LOOT?

Is it the same concept as when creating spells in the MAGIC book/chapter. Roll for it once per day to advance the creation?


How I would handle:
This would be usually kind of down time rolls between sessions, or on DAYs time. (Nobody is making their own personal Mjolnir or Excalibur or Stormbringer on MOMENTS or HOURS time… while crossing the Deserts of Despair en route to the next dungeon…)

The player describes what they are doing to make the kind of weapon they want to make and then rolls INT vs Target. (12 if none established, HARD/EASY as appropriate.)

If they fail, next roll EASY.

If they pass, they roll whatever Effort dice makes sense for what they were doing. But I mean this is going to be a humdinger of a weapon they are making so they will probably be rolling with Magic and maybe Ultimate if they smartly saved a Hero Coin.

When they have fulfilled 20 points/2 hearts of Effort in this way, they have crafted a mighty loot of epic smashery.

Evil doers, beware!


Here’s a better idea. Make players find said item. Never allow them to make one. Why rules and classes who can do such things exist is beyond me.
Elric had to travel to another plane like hell and into a demonic cave to get Stormbringer. And…had to fight his cousin who hated him wielding one exactly like it.I
Meat and 3 restaurants stay in business the longest for a reason—Don’t add components to your game that someone might easily abuse, stay with the basic ideas original dnd established.


Hmm, yeah figured something like this was one option. Noted that a tier 4 milestone cost 50,000 coin so translating that to materials to be acquired would be a thing I guess.

And getting parts from a lifesucking monster if they want a lifesucking weapon.


Yeah, though about that to. Having them gather information every time they meet a new source of information or travel to a new place.

Would give me the time to plan a dungeon for it. Might be in a lost temple or if they take to long someone else picked up on their search and a collector now owns the item.

Do they buy it at a inflated price or are we doing a heist?

Always good to pick the brains of others.


Powerful magic items should never be just that. They have to be part of the story, an essential part. Letting a player make one? Never will it be made to make the adventure better, it will only be to make them more of a thorn in your side.