Three Drunkards walk into a bar



We are currently playing Dragonbane, but I really want to try C&S - even though I find “Trust the hexes” slightly intimidating. So I decided that in the weeks a player (or two) can’t make a session I will give C&S a go and I will “Trust the hexes”. To that end, last night I got each player to roll their four Character Prompts, a Flaw, and a Core Ability. The flaws? …

We have one who impetuous, one who is paranoid, and three drunkards.

I finally have a real reason for saying “You met in a bar” :laughing:


That will be the best game ever.


Trusting the Hexes may seem a daunting task, but you should when you feel is right. You don’t have to use them right away or all the time. However, when you do use them, you trust the dice completely and figure out how the result meshes with your game and narrative.

You can use these to your liking. Page 176 states to Roll to Taste.
I don’t use them all the time, but I use them enough to keep things interesting and my players on their toes.


Right. I don’t even use the hexes at all (not my style). And C&S still plays amazing.