Thoughts on Quest Cards



So while Im working on my World Building I’m coming up with a whole bunch of quests and side quests for my players and it got me wondering; What is everyone’s method for quest ideas?
I’ve been thinking of taking index cards (naturally) and writing down in this format:
Objective/Quest/ Mission
1 Line Description
Threat (Encounter)


Ms. Gramm’s Missing Cat
Gramm’s is missing her Fluffykins, go find it.
A pack of Mutts is cornering Fluffykins, deal with them
Some Coin and Gramm’s Cookies (Health Item)



Love that idea. Always write down a side quest idea when an opportunity arises. And when the players actually want to follow it in a later stage you can just pull it out.


I would also include the possibility of a time limit before the quest expires. Something like a d4 days or sessions.

Further for some quests there could be minor or major consequences for not completing them. The consequences may not interfere with a long running campaign directly, but it could change the world around the PCs a little at a time.

NPC: “Welcome to Luke’s”
PCs: “Your not Luke, we know Luke, where is Luke?”
NPC: “Luke posted a request at the local Guild hall, no one took it up, so he went out to do it him self, he has not returned. I’m Luke’s cousin Jeb, and I was asked to run the shop while Luke was dealing with the problem he had.”

It doesn’t change the campaign but provides a deeper connection to the quests and mission. Should they be successful or never completed.


Adding consequences truly change the player experience. However, the time limit might be preference. Some people like it more regulated than others. Personally, I think the GM can decide as he thinks it fits best.