The Well Poisoner’s



In light of the Shoayun Beta release this game is postponed.

Who 2-4 brave Hobbits (Smallfolk)
What 6 Points, Standard Gear, 1 Milestone
Where Roll20
Why the other day Dave Thaumavore brought up the idea of an all Hobbit (Smallfolk) Adventure so here we are!

Dark times have come to the Shirelands, a sickness that afflicts the young and old, the weak and strong. It’s been traced back to the wellspring that supplies water to the village and this plague is wholly unnatural, a thing of evil. Something must be done.


once again… im down if you’ll have me. lol


The small Folk game!!! Ahhh! So Good!


Is this one going on Roll for Effort? I will be working but would love to stream it if I can.


I’m currently doing the legwork to learn OBS so I can stream to my tiny channel. I’ll keep you updated. :blush::+1:


sounds awesome @JDStirling


Oh man that sounds awesome! Wish I could join but I’m getting back from my honeymoon that night. Would love to watch it if you can get obs working!


Congratulations, Newlyweds! :raised_hands: :confetti_ball: May the best days from your past be the worst days of your future!


congratz on taking the vows. :herocoin:


@JDStirling @Lakins Thanks guys! I am excited go on one of the greatest adventures with my best friend.


Postponing this game temporarily. Stay tuned for a Shaoyun Beta playtest. :blush::+1:


cool beans. :herocoin:


If it’s been postponed then I might try and make it next time.