The Waste is On Sale!


Hey Folks,

In honor of the holidays and in my appreciation to the shield wall, my little post-apoc passion project for ICRPG is on sale for $0.99. Hope it can inspire some fun times at your table!


This most excellent and gritty independently published postapocalyptic setting and genre adventure toolkit for ICRPG Master Edition by our own @JDH is 100% worth it at full price and an absolute no-brainer purchase at over 80% off. I It’s already a Silver Bestseller, and it deserves even more love than that. I have played in TheWINK fairly extensively and even GM’d it a a bit, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up for yourself for the holidays—for under a buck!


I look forward to playing and homebrewing.


Just buy it. Its really cool and inspiring.


Hell yeah, hack it to pieces to make it your own version of awesome. Always just wanted to add fuel to other GM’s creative fires. When it does make it to your table I love hearing stories from people’s games that have used it!


Typically, I like to run things as written the first time. Kick the wheels a bit.

I mostly play with my father and my kids but I have a group of fellow middle school teachers I have been wanting to introduce to ICRPG. When I have talked about ICRPG and EZd6 in the past, they seem interested but play 5e and other systems, so they don’t see the value of learning what I’ve described as a streamlined version of D&D. But, this game feels unique and has that cool grit and adrenaline mechanic.

As far as hacking for my family table–I have been wanting to do a game in a Sakaar-like world. That’s the trash world in Thor Ragnarok. I’m thinking something like a world that the War Pigs have colonized and are using as a their intergalactic dumpsite and prison colony. Its ran by borg but they mostly just try to keep people from fleeing the planet or unionizing. WINK is perfect for this. Thank you!


Thank you. Just bought it. Merry Christmas