The Waste Is Not Kind 1.5 Update!



Hello Shield Wall,

Very pleased to announce that my little ICRPG Post Apocalyptic project The Waste is Not Kind has just been updated with a 1.5 version on DriveThruRPG. The update beefs up character creation, loot tables and clarifies some key mechanics. I think the new character options stand head and shoulders above the original listings.

Thanks to @chrisbynum, @tornadofyr, and Nox for being amazing players and helping me explore the Waste! A big thank you to @KaneDriscol for being a constant brainstorming partner, advocate for this project, and an overall great dude.

If you have picked up The Waste, go check out the updated pdf! I am really proud of the new and improved types, here is a taste of the types with the melee fighter type the “War Dog”


The Waste Is Not Kind is an amazingly original take on the end of civilization and what comes after. As a complete RPG toolkit for use with ICRPG Master Edition rules, it is comprehensive, thorough, and well thought out, with imaginative content, intelligent organization, a cool layout, and a fun, evocative art style to inspire your adventure construction within a truly immersive post-apocalyptic wasteland. It leans heavily into all the classic tropes of this near-future sci-fi subgenre, providing you with a gritty, pleasingly dystopian smorgasbord of nightmares and meager signs of hope in a world gone wrong.

This game provides a tone and a table feel that make it distinct from any other supplement or setting currently available for ICRPG. Like the author himself, TheWINK really embraces rich story narratives, balancing gritty realism with ample opportunities for heroic action and adventure. It features concise yet richly imagined descriptions of locations, factions, and events that will serve as ideal jumping-off points for your own further developments.

TheWINK’s original 27-page length has been extended with updates to a whopping 33 pages, now with more character options, new loot items, additional art, expanded tables, revised setting-specific mechanics (including vehicle combat!), and associated assets for play online or in person; the newly updated package provides a truly generous bundle of great post-apoc gaming material at the same affordable sub-$5 price tag, so if you’re in search of some help building your own version of a hard but heroic future rising in the aftermath of the end of the world, look no further than TheWINK.

(Congratulations to JD on this significant accomplishment; I’m grateful to have been there to explore the world of the Waste during its development, and I am proud to have lent a hand to the author as he presents this latest epic version to the Runehammer community and the gaming public.)


One quick note I forgot to mention in original post, this is the bulk of my hobby thinking and I plan to continue tinkering and developing this setting. I have a discord server with a think-tank channel that I drop ideas and updates to as I go.

I have ideas brewing for zines, adventure modules, and chipping away at improving the GM’s half of the main book. More folks are welcome to join in the post-apoc brainstorming! Just reach out with a message and I can get you invited to the server.


Congrats on your continued progression of this project, it is certainly something to be proud of. I have not yet played in this setting but I hope to this year at some point. Keep up the great work here, it’s inspiring to see the work you are putting into it!


It’s been on my Wishlist for a while, guess I gotta buy it now!


Thank you so much for the update! Downloading it right now.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to mention it in this thread… but @KaneDriscol just released a one shot adventure “Garden of Acid” for this setting. So there’s another reason for folks to pick up The Waste Is Not Kind.

Now if I can just talk my players into venturing out into the wastes…


if you have not bought it already, you can get a 50% off discount using the link in the description for Kane’s youtube video about the Garden of Acid adventure he just released. While you are saving money, go ahead and pick up the Garden of Acid too. :grinning:


Fantastic! and it’s VERY appropriate to mention the Garden of Acid, I want The Waste to help Kane succeed in his endeavors and that adventure module is amazing. He did make it so the adventure can be run in any setting without having to modify or use special rules, but it is a great fit for The Waste if that’s where folks land.

If you ever get The Waste to the table let me know, I would love to connect with groups that are exploring the setting.


That’s a great idea, thanks for the heads up!


Good review and discussion covering JD Hull’s postapocalyptic supplement The Waste Is Not Kind for ICRPG today on Heath’s Geekverse…

Heath is very pro-ICRPG.