The Overlooked Banana!



Nothing ground breaking here but I’ve been recently looking back over core ICRPG stuff and watching all of Hanks old videos. It occurred to me I never really used the banana to measure distance (I just winged it and guessed) but I now see why it’s such a good tool. The shape helps to move around corners ect. So I’m embracing the over looked banana at last, I have persuaded my daughter to let me borrow her toy banana out of her toy kitchen :smiley::+1:
Oh and I treated myself to a giant D20 target dice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

STR + HON + BEER :beer:


So, if my STR modifier is +3, and my Circumstantial Honor bonus is +1 (from the Runehammer forums) and I get myself a +2 beer… Roll D20 = 15. Then I should have enough to succeed with 21, right?


So, I am allergic to bananas. Using one as a unit of measure I thought was a neat idea, but not really practical. Then you flashed a picture of a toy banana. Genius!!!
I shall walk the path of the plastic banana.


I still just wing it. Lol.


Since I run everything on Roll20 I forgo the banana and do 25’ for NEAR and FAR for everything beyond that. Also, a double move is 50’. If I ever do an in-person table top game I’ll consider the banana system…but that is not likely to happen soon, so for now I just use them as GM mana.


One DMs 'nana is another DMs poison.


I’m not allergic but I can’t stand the smell/taste lol so the only thing I consider them good for is measuring distance :+1: I’m also considering weather to paint it blue :thinking:


One of us! One of us!


That’s probably even too precise for what I do. Lol. On a VTT, it’s more like “a near move is about 5 or 6 of your token; far is double that.”

Player: “Can I make it here and still attack this Orc?”
Me: “Yes! That’s about right.”


Your banana will rot over time. :grinning: Use this one instead:


My banana is plastic :smiley: but that’s a pretty cool template :+1:


I have used a pencil as my basic measuring tool for ICRPG since the beginning… but Blue Banana’s are the best!

Game On!


We use a fake banana from hobby lobby, also makes a good conversation piece when people are like “why do you have a banana next to your dice?”


Why do you NOT have a banana next to your dice! :laughing:


Winging it works, but the banana really helps players ease into the mindset of ICRPG!