The North Holds Lore



In the book, the descriptive text of The North Holds leads me to believe this place is only a part of a larger world. Is that correct? Or is this supposed to be the entire place?

The book also alludes to ‘a formless evil’ creeping into the world. Is there any indication as to what type of evil? I’m working through the book looking to start a campaign, but would like to keep it relatively in line with future content. We talking demons? Blood lords? Earthly creatures like vampires and werewolves? Maybe just mankind going off the rails?


Like most settings, this may not encompass the whole of the world (in LOTR, Middle Earth was just one continent). More may be revealed later or it leaves room to bring in other RPG settings.

Much like Alfheim in ICRPG, that’s just a part of a huge world.