The Lair of Drazul (Part 2 )


I’ll be flying back that Monday (to be fair, I was unclear which Monday I was referring to). But don’t let that stop you gaming if it works for everyone else.


I could do the Monday the 14th.


I’m out of town until Monday the 14 as well…


Ok guys so how about Thursday the 17th?


Could you do the 17th?


How about Thursday the17th??


I could make the 17th. :+1:t3:


Yup. I can do that. :+1:


Excellent let’s go for the 17th then if you click the going link at the top of the page I’ll add you to the game


So tempting. Wondering if I could leave work early that day. :thinking:


I’m with you @Chuck_Lemons


I can do the 17th as well, where is the link at the top of the page?


I will keep my eye open for future events. I’ll be busy the 17th


Looks like you clicked on it already.


Can you do the 17th? I have 3 players already


I can’t…too early to leave work…