The Lair of Drazul (Part 2 )


The Princess was taken and we need you rescue her! (This will be the second part of this one shot and we welcome any new players)

Last night the royal carriage was attacked, the princess and her husband to be were taken by an evil Mage who is looking to sacrifice royal blood as part of a summoning ritual.

We tracked them to a cave in the side of Mt. Misery. The Kings guard made chase but non have returned. I fear time is running out!

This is will be set in Alfheim over a couple of sessions. It’s a mixture of combat and problem solving.

The game will be using roll20 and discord for chat.

Message me for more details


I am surprised you got zero interest. That is not what I would have expected and I feel your pain. Here are a couple of thoughts. First, it is possible you didn’t give enough notice. I typically give at least a week of notice and sometimes even more. Second, don’t have folks commit to a one shot that is more than one session long. People don’t know what they are getting and that makes it hard to commit to more than a single session.

Finally, it may be related to your experience level. You have only been on the forums a couple of months so you are a relatively unknown commodity. It may take awhile to build up some credibility as a player and GM in the community. Keep looking for games to play in. In fact, I have an opening on Oct 18th if you are interested.

Don’t give up hope. This is a great community but you may need to break the ice a bit more.


Thank you for the feedback a lot of good points. The game I’ve got is about 6/12 hours worth so thought probably best to break it up in to a couple of chunks. It’s something I’ve ran on roll20 as a 5e game but I think it won’t be much better as an icrpg game. Ive made character sheets with all the Marcos for the players to use.
My works schedule is sporadic contract work, which makes it really hard for me to commit to a long campaign unfortunately. In turn quite hard to find games to play in.
I am quite new to the RPG world mainly running irl games for my kids which icrpg has been amazing fun.
Thanks again for the feedback & I’d love to take a spot in your game


Would love to have you there. Find my post and click the button to reserve a spot.


FWIW, I somehow didn’t see your post until the morning of the planned session, and thought about replying until I noticed the date. So maybe Chuck’s suggestion about a longer lead time would help? Maybe folks’ schedules just weren’t aligning for the weekend?

Either way, sorry to hear there were no takers. I’m still pretty green around here, so I don’t have many thoughts besides wishing you better luck in the future.


I had a time conflict, but I might have joined otherwise. Couldn’t tell if it was more fantasy or horror though (Drazul sounds like Dracula), so maybe a little more description about the kind of game you’re running in addition to the hook…


I saw your post in time but had a conflict that night. Otherwise I would’ve liked to join.

My kids are into RPG’s as well. Maybe we should have a Roll20 game including the kids!


Crazily enough, sometimes the weekend is hard to schedule for, as people are either already in games with established groups or spending the evening with family.

I’d have a tough time making a Saturday night work, but I can generally skin a weeknight with enough notice, even with work the next day.


Is there a way to calendar an event with a date poll, or with multiple dates as options? Maybe that way people could pick to attend on a certain date, and when one was full that would be the date for it. Just a tech-unsavvy thought…


Thank you for the feedback everyone. I will definitely like to try and give this another go sometime soon.


HI! IS this going to be an October thing? I would love to give it a shot depending on your date!


I’d love to have played, but sadly I’ll be driving to the airport at that time. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future games you run though.


I won’t be able to join on the 9th. We play at our local wargame club on wednesdays. But I’m eager to join if there is another date. Wanna get as much ICRPG under my belt as possible, and your setup sounds awesome. :beer:


Date & time is down to negotiation. What days and times are best for you?


What days are good for you?


When is good for you?


I’m booked mondays, wednesdays and the next couple of saturdays. Other than that, I’m pretty open. :+1:


Ok cool let’s see what what works with the others


I’ll be in Spain until Monday. But as a general rule, I can make a game any Tue, Wed, or Thur evening. Weekends are a possibility too, but are ultimately a point of negotiation with the wife and kids. :wink:


Monday a week tomorrow?