The Hall of Lord Ashthorn - a 3 room ICRPG Module



A trio of rooms make upThe Hall of Lord Ashthorn here to help fill in your game world and have a fun (k)night of play.

Not earth shattering but my first attempt at ICRPG module writing/publishing and design.

constructive criticism and thoughts are welcome


Hey man,

nice one, pretty inspiring.

But for my taste, the space on each page isn’t used well. Maybe this could be like 3-column landscape (bullets top, map and art below), kind of a single-page adventure.

But those are just my two cents, rock on. I like reading more of those!


/EDIT: The badge from the Content Creation Regulations could be useful too (for the sake of using a single badge across all ICRPG fan-made things)

Respect Hank’s copyright and do not incorporate any of his content into a derivative work without his permission. This statement goes double for art.


thanks for the feedback – updated the PDF to remove Hank’s art and include the proper badge


This is fun! I’d definitely roll a D6 in Room 2 to determine which door you exit out of, like a Scooby Doo chase. It’s a little unclear to me what kind of attack the “YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION” power Lord Ashton has actually is. Is it ranged? Is it a magical shout, a grab, something else? I just wanted more there to root me in the fiction of the scenario. Keep it up, and make more!


what would you like it to be? :wink:

In my head it is a big nasty sword attack


Moving this from my personal dropbox to my shiny new Itch account!

It is PWYW –


Thanks Shields for your support (and your ducats too)


Hey Shields

If you’ve run / read / played / enjoyed The Hall of Lord Ashthorn please please leave a review on itch – it helps spread the word!



I’ve added a zip file of the VTT maps I worked up for my home game of The Hall of Lord Ashthorn which are done with 2 Minute Tabletop assets