The Fall of Arnor in 119 Minutes (Full)



I’m looking for 4 brave souls who can rise to the occasion against Arnor’s imminent destruction. We’ll be playing through the first part of PLANET KILLER in real time. It’ll be over Discord and using the ICVTT. The character builds will be as follows:

Players build standard Warp Shell heroes, NO EQUIPMENT (that includes no starting loot)

Let me know if you are interested and able to play for the timeslot and once I get players signed up, I’ll get a discord invite set up to work through all the details. Thanks!

P.S. This will most likely end up on Kane’s Kiln YouTube. Let me know if you have questions.

Time Until Arnor’s Final Destruction


I would like to be added in if there are spots still! 6:30am?


You are welcome to claim the first seat :smiley: It is a morning game so depending on your time zone 6:30am should be right. Happy to have you, @Celstra !


I’m interested if you are still looking for players.


Of course! You can claim the second seat :smiley:


I would like a spot if I understood the time correctly. 730 EST?


Correct! 730 AM EST. I’ve got you down for the third seat.

Only one seat remains for our exciting adventure on Andor :smiley:


I’d love to join, but I cannot do 0800 on a Monday (or any weekday really). Not that I have to sit in traffic on I15, just that I’m never awake that early. :smiley: If you run this in an evening or on a weekend, I’d jump at the chance!


Yes, please. I’m in if a seat is available.


Oooo! Can I join if there is still a spot?


Ah dang it, beat me by a millisecond! :grin:

@KaneDriscol Put me down for backup if the seats are filled up!


if only i be an english speaking ppl!! i fear not to understand and to slow the game for all so… have a good game and roll20!!


Looks like @chrisbynum claimed the fourth seat :smile:

@rpgerminator I’ve got you down in the reserves if needed.

I’m planning on running a lot of community games and working through all the adventures across the various Runehammer books this year, so if there’s anyone who couldn’t make it for this one, I’ll look forward to catching you on the next one :metal:


I’ll definitely have a weekend or evening game sometime soon. And do you hate i15 traffic too!?


The traffic is getting worse and worse. Thankfully I have Game Haven in West Jordan so close I don’t have to take any of the north/south freeways.

I’ve got a few people that I work with that would likely be down for a one-shot in person if you’re ever keen to do that locally.


Oh dang it, I just realized it was a 7:30 AM game (not evening). I will likely not be able to make that so please take me off the reserve list. I will look out for one of your weekend games!


Just for extra clarification–7:30 am EST right?


Correct. Sending a message to the players now with more details.


Sure that sounds like a ton of fun! I think my friend actually works out at that Game Haven. I’ll PM you and we’ll try to coordinate something.


I’d like in if there’s a spot, if not, I’d like to be a back-up