The dreaded Mole Bears of the Waste!



Taking a break from cities and gangs, I decided to whip out the first creature from my mind, The Mole Bear.
Part Mole.
Part Bear.
All Death!
These creature are completely blind but have Tremor Sense so can feel around there environment, they’re just like their Old World counterpart of bears except they’re also subterranean and can appear at the most inopportune and terrifying moments.
Many stories have been told of gangs breaking into turf wars only for a Mole Bear to appear and slaughter many on both sides.


Those claws look like they can shred steel plate!


I’m stealing this for Crown and Skull and seeing how this is going to SHRED with DESTROY ATTRITION!

HP: 25 ATK: 3 DEF: 5 PHASE 2, 4 TACTICS: 1

-TACTICS 1: Vanish in a cloud of dirt and mud, underground it moves, waiting to attack! Cannot be seen unless you dig it out! If its enemy is touching the ground, the Mole Bear knows…
-Tactic 2-5: Twin Claws! Inflicting Destroy Attrition!
-Tactic 6: Stone Grave! The Mole Bear starts digging stone up and throwing its victims in the hole! Roll Evasion or fall victim and start drowning in the dirt! You have 1d4 rounds before you are entombed to be eaten later! Roll Muscle to dig yourself out or wait until someone can save you!


Lol go nuts! Let me know how the encounter goes with your players


My Crown and Skull players have a mission that is going to force them to go underground… perhaps tonight is the night they meet a Molebear!? Stay tuned…