The Cultist's Grasp - Prisoners of Molok Adaptation - 1 Player


Hi All!

I’m starting a biweekly campaign for ICRPG, looking to run a campaign inspired by the Prisoners of Molok outline. I have 2-3 players currently, and would like to find one more player to round out the party. The game will be in a fantasy setting, and characters will start off with no abilities or items and shape their classes and abilities through classes and LOOT. Plan is for 5-10 sessions to complete the campaign, every other Tuesday at 8PM Central Time. We will use discord for communication, and Foundry VTT for maps and organization. I’ve run 3 campaigns of 5E in the past, and would love to get a successful campaign of ICRPG under my belt. If interested please fill out this google survey and I will contact you via discord: