The Clowns Have Arrived!



Hello Lumps,

I’m excited to announce that my latest series of evil clown tokens are now available. I really enjoyed illustrating these and I consider them a current personal favorite. If you’re into a little creepy carnival action or some weird evil space aliens for your games these may serve well. Who knows, maybe this will inspire an adventuring band of insane clowns as a campaign idea.

My next set soon to arrive will be a group of Myconids.

Happy Gaming!



You are an evil, evil man @rpgerminator.


Maniacal clown laugh…


I want to run a modern day zombie/demon infested carnival and use these tokens, with a final battle culminating at the Ferris Wheel. The Night the Calliope Went Silent.


These are the grimiest, grossest, most awesome evil clown tokens. I love these! Also, way to go thinking outside the box for tokens, this makes me want to run a carnival 1-shot. :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome! I feel sorry for your players, hehehe.

@Chaologic Thanks man, glad you like them and happy that they may inspire a 1-shot. Exploring odd themes is something I will be doing more of in the future, I currently have my sights on some post-apocalyptic road warrior tokens, should be entertaining.


I want to play in this game!


Creepy clowns crowded together. Eeek, and…RUN!


As a HUGE fan of Killer Clown from Outer Space, I adore these!!! I just might have to use these in one of my Oddventures! :smiley:


That would be awesome!

Just to let you know I have recently pulled them from being visible on DriveThruRPG with the intention that they would be re-worked and updated into the new token style. If you need them sooner than later just send me DM and we can figure it out.