Template for loot form


Hi I want to create a randomizer with player created loot. I don’t want to use loot from the book for obvious reasons. I want to first make a template I can use on Google forms for everyone to submit their ideas.
This is what I have so far for the template

  • name
  • type (weapon, item, spell, power)
  • attempt roll if any (str,con,dex,int, wis,cha)
  • description/effect

I think this should cover it. Pretty simple right. Should I add or change anything?

The randomizer will be public and strictly player created


Maybe number of uses or how often? (I love single use items in my games as I can’t break the game with crazy fun toys)


Sorry for the late reply. This sounds good. It’s true that overpowered items can break the game if it can be used multiple times