Targets and Timers



Hi all, I’m new here.

Where can you find target and timer .png files for the VTT? The ones I mean specifically are the red dice with the white number on it; the classic ICRPG style; like the ones you can see in the Master Edition book.

Kane uses them in his videos all the time. Where did he get them??

I can’t seem to find them anywhere? There are specially designed ones on DrivethruRPG but not the regular ones.



I anticipate you can find them here, along with a host of other goodies:


Bottom line: Just D20s (targets) and D4s (timers) out of the dice roller, increment/decrement accordingly, and lock in place (at your option).


Oh! The dice tray. My screen might be too small to fit the dice tray which is why I might not have seen the targets and timers.

Cool, will figure out a way to get them from the dice tray, cheers!