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When writing, or using, TAGS do you prefer more or less mechanical text? Should a writer only include the spirit of the TAG, as we see in CORE, or a bit more mechanic?
I am trying to determine how much I should include in descriptions of things.


I personally typically go very abstract. Allowing for flexibility based on situations…but for long term games/campaigns I’d suggest more notes on player Used/facing tags so arguments don’t arise.

Pilot, black belt in jujitsu, tracker, Marine, charming drunk…
All are non-mechanical tags, typically granting non-roll situations when I sometimes might ask for a roll, or reducing the required roll.

However, if I said “Galisorian Headsman” I would need to write that out, since I’d probably forget what that might mean. Or the meaning may change over time and I don’t want to cheat my player.

To the original question…spirit with consistency is what you want to apply to the players…don’t get bogged down in rules, those are only on you, impacting the player characters.


I like them a bit more precise as in Blood & Snow as to not slow the game down with discussions. Might just be me being more familiar with it. Abstract TAGs remind me too much of Fate aspects and that is not a positive for me.


I have one word background TAGs we apply when relevant, like the weapon tags. eg. FISHERMAN. He’s good with rope work, sailing, knows his fish, easy to use nets, makes a convincing fisherman disguise, etc

But also mechanical TAGS which function as abilities. In my home game players have these as milestones. (They couldn’t get their head around loot = skills and come from a video game background)
Eg. Scott Veteran Beserker:
BRAWLER: after an attack misses you, +3 to non-damage attack against them (eg. Shove, trip, etc)
STREET FIGHTER: 15+ attack, attack with other arm.
TOUGH AS NAILS: Ignore 1d6 damage from one source per round.
I WILL NEVER DIE: If an attack would bring you to 0 hp, roll con to stay on 1
VETERAN SARGENT: Intercept an attack/danger that would hit a NEAR ally. Half damage, roll to ignore all. Once per location.
HIGHLANDER ‘ZERKER: Add missing HP to effort dealt. Use TOUGH AS NAILS for every source of damage. Lasts 1d4 rounds, once per session.

In more standard ICRPG I’d have one or two like in Altered States. Special ability that really gives flavour to a character.


I had a think on this while in the shower this morning and came to a similar conclusion. I think Tags that are “Obvious” like Professions or Classes are fine, but more abstract ones need some mechanic to them. I think both is the correct answer.


This is my thought too. Been doing a lot of writing and initially I wrote a bunch of rules. I then thought, is this much necessary? So I am gonna dial it back and be a bit less rule-y, though i will probably keep what i wrote as notes.


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I added the TAG CATALOG to my Incomplete Collection. It has a bunch of mechanical and not so mechanical TAGS for your gaming pleasure. Maybe some of them will help you decide what you want to do. … Game On!


Awesome! I will have to dissect this list. This is great.


Thank you for sharing! Just what I’ve been looking for.


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Sorry to wake a dead horse, but does anyone have an idea where Ezzerharden’s Tag Catalog is?



@Bouncingboy You can find them right here… follow the rabbit hole…

Ezzerhardens Tag Catalog



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For my money, a tag should not include any explicit mechanics.


For anyone who sees this, kane dropped new video on the topic