T. P. S. Reports


While designing a game for my players I enjoy putting in tiny things that make me smile… This is one of those things (thought I’d share):
Clue: you find a memo regarding the Torcher Procedure Specifications

What other fun things can you all come up with for this acronym?


The Temporal Procurement Services.

An interesting branch of Warp-Shell loot hunting. Warp Shell crews are hired to travel through time and space to acquire rare or interesting artifacts for the rich.

Ever wondered what happened to the lost Ark of the Covenant?

Temporal Procurement Services.


Total Party Sacrifice. Bring it, Baphomet!


TIny Pizza Snacks. Would’ve thought it was obvious.


Tertiary Processing Systems report. Grizzled veterans won’t go anywhere without checking the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Processing Systems reports. Redundant systems aren’t any good if they aren’t validated.


Tha’ Printer Smackdown