System for Making Adventures?



I’m unsure if this is the right place for this, but I’m looking for some feedback, and this community has always been incredible. I’m working on starting a Ko-fi to do monthly adventures (along with game assets, and probably some other random things that I think of).

I have made a few adventures for ICRPG, but I’m really excited about EZD6. That being said, I could also make adventures without a specific system in mind so they are more open-ended.

I know we’re all ICRPG fans here, so this answer might be biased, but do you think I should make my adventures for ICRPG, EZD6, or system agnostic?



Try making one each. What felt most enjoyable to do?

Convert each one into the other two. What felt easiest to convert?

Err on the side of least difficult and most entertaining to do.

My two cents.


I might have to try that.


I’m in for whichever route you take. Love your stuff, man. :v::heart::grin:


Make modules specifically for ICRPG. Anyone with the gumption and GM chips to round a system-agnostic version of your adventures will have no problem translating them from ICRPG, but new gamemasters who discover the ICRPG system will have solid examples of what you need to design to define an adventure following the Runehammer ethos. ICRPG has a quite a substantial following, but there is still plenty of room in the gamespace for more third-party quest content.


That is very true. I mean, I don’t think the only people that buy my stuff on Drive Thru are ICRPG players, haha.

I also thought about just including EZD6 stats because I don’t think it would take much more work to do it.


Is there a link to your ko-fi page? :grinning:


Weeeell, the Roll for Creature Ko-fi page exists, but there isn’t anything on it right now. So, I haven’t been linking to it yet, haha.

I’m trying to get my Zine Quest project out the door before I focus on this.


Since you had asked, I finally launched my Ko-fi page! Right now I’m just doing roll tables each month, but as I get things rolling I plan on doing little adventures and all sorts of things.


Another idea to add to the table: create an abstraction class.

In OOP, you can create a general use case then derive a “concrete” class from that. Meaning, create something in a meta format for yourself which is easily translatable to the other systems.


Try multiple. I’ve seen (and grabbed!) a couple adventures recently that had monster stats for multiple systems - OSE, DCC, and Mork Borg - in the adventure document. Its those stats that most would be interested in over what DC/DR/Target it is to climb a cliff. Those could be written simply as “Test to Climb”.


That could be fun. I could see possibly doing something like that.

I wonder If I could make a little conversion chart. Like make some kind of rating system for how hard things are, and then you just check the chart for your system.

I feel like numbers aren’t actually all that important.


Assuming multiple-systems support, then the question is: one book to contain all systems or a separate book for each system?

One can do a generic write up “box” then replace the secondary box with ‘X’ game system stats.

The follow-up question would be, which game systems to support?


I could see both options, but I think some kind of conversion chart like I mentioned above might be able to work. If I make print versions, Digital versions would be no big deal to do different books for each, but I wouldn’t want to do different physical books.


Agreed. For example, converting from B/X to Mork Borg all you need to know is the Hit Dice (multiply the number of HD by 4 to get HP), Morale (stays same), and Armor (leather becomes -d2, chain -d4, plate -d6) and the conversion is complete. There’s your chart for that system.