Sunday craft bonanza!



Spent all day making a forest/ grassland board and felt like sharing with all of you (only the towers were built before today). Definitely making a dent in my new years resolution of more crafting. Hopefully you are all having fun with your creative endeavors as well. Strength, Honor, and Mo’ Craftin!


Diggin this setup… ever since a kid i always been drawn to mazes… this brings that feeling back nice one


Wow, thanks dude, I really appreciate that. I need to find a good theme for the set up, I was thinking maybe a ranger conclave, a druid’s Homestead, or a nobleman’s courtyard maze. Any other ideas would be appreciated though.


Got one idea lol


Nicely done you both!


Dude freaking sweet setup. Very Inspiring indeed. I really like the maze


well i know what my next build is now! Incredible Job My Friend!!!


Thanks a lot I’m glad to help. I’m trying to pay it forward for all the inspiration Hankerin gave me. My next project is to finish some pirate ships i started, then I’m getting my arctic board done! This is the year of crafting! Strength, Honor, and Mo’ Craftin