Strength, Honor & Beer


What we do between games.


Haha that’s awesome!!
How many beers did you down?


More than I’m used too!!


Bwahaha! Tell me about this thing I’m seeing?! Is this a run with breweries on the route?


Yes. To be honest, I mostly walked! On the peninsula of northern Runehammeria is a town where I was raised. In that town my best friend owns a brewery.


I belong to a group known as “The Hash” so this type of behavior is pretty normal. FYI hash is reference to the food not the sometimes illicit drug.

The Hash House Harriers (H3) is how they are known. A drinking club with a running with a running problem, is their motto. Drinking songs, crude jokes, thick skins is the best way to think of it.

All that said, I truly appreciate when civilians act in this way!

Should anyone search the internet for their local kennel for an event. In circle they’ll ask “who made you come?” In this case it’s “My Shame Will Me Warm” or “ Shame” for short.

This is a good group. Many veterans, active in most cities with military bases in most countries. Once known, couch surfing becomes easy.

This is a case of when worlds collide for me, but I will inform those Interested, turkey trail = walking trail and Eagle trail means running/jogging trail and a-hole trail means running with hills.

There are many trail markers and all sorts of traditions. Just for those interested. I’m not going to get into shiggy and other cult like language, but it is a fun group.

@DMchef, this only adds to the esteem I have for you already.