Stonehell megadungeon open-table


You wake up in a cold, dark cell to the sound of footsteps. As they get closer, light begins to fill the room and you see you are not the only one trapped down here. Though most are still in a cursed sleep, a few are awakening with you. Maybe you can help each other get out of here. Wherever you are. As the light grows closer you find yourself wondering, “Will I ever escape?” Welcome to Stonehell Dungeon.

What: This is an open-table megadungeon game running every Sunday evening.


Where: Game will be run with Zoom Audio and as VTT. I will provide links for everything as needed.

How: Using ICRPG 2.5 edition (Make characters with the new Quickstart)

Who: The first 4 brave souls to join. You can join the wait list for priority in the next game if the 4 slots are full.

RSVP List 0/4:

Wait List:


Man, not a lot of active players, these days. That’s kinda sad. :frowning:
My schedule is that I am free from Monday to Thursday at any time. If yu can change the scheduling of the game, I will happily join! :smiley:


yeah, I think I just have a date and time that doesn’t work for people. Which is understandable. I’ll see if I can find time to switch it up.


I am very interested in the game. It is just sadly too late for me. Latest I would want to start would be 00:00 GMT and would only want short length games at that time (1.5hs - 2.5hrs).


Keep us updated! :smiley: I’m eager to play but it seems like all the servers and forums are quiet, lately.