Hi, very new to ICRPG but used to play D&D a long time ago. Looking for a group to get together and have some fun adventures…


Don’t be disparaged by the lack of responses. I would start by going to chat with these guys and asking if you can put a flyer up/post on their social media. FLGS’s like regular events that being people in.


I spoke to them but they never heard of ICRPG :man_shrugging: The UK needs a big promotional push of ICRPG and just RPGs in general really. It’s all warhammer and boardgames (which is great) but it’s just not ICRPG


Best to tell them it is Dungeons and Dragons with a few streamlined rules.



I am lucky in having a face to face group but have only managed to get one game in so far with them.

The other alternative is an online game, so far I have played in one and am running one tonight. Check out here for games going on and in other online forums. I run mine via the audio dungeon Discord which is a place where some of us OSR Podcasters hang out.