Stealth vs. Go Unnoticed


I’m trying to understand the difference between the Core Ability “Go Unnoticed” and the Skill “Stealth”. Do these complement each other, or if I have “Go Unnoticed” as core ability, do I even need the Stealth skill. I did discern a few slight differences. Maybe the forum could comment…

If I have “Go Unnoticed” and “Stealth”…

  1. Standing still - automatically pass Stealth roll
  2. Targeted last
  3. Moving with Stealth skill is Easy (-5 to roll) ** If i don’t have “Stealth” skill, then i can’t move with Stealth **

If I only have “Stealth” Skill…

  1. Not targeted last
  2. Easy Skill check to hide when standing skill (-5 to roll)
  3. Regular Skill check to hide when moving


This is a GM preference and a discussion of old school D&D when the Thief was introduced.

The core ability states that they easily melt into shadows. The Stealth skill mentions going unnoticed while moving, but it’s easier if standing still. If the player has both, then if they are standing still in the shadows, they are almost supernaturally invisible. People can stand in shadows and they can try to hide, but the Thief with both unnoticed and stealth seizes to exist as far as anyone’s concerned.

Remember, not everything requires a roll and sometimes just having everything is enough to say “there is no way these orc sentries can sense you as they walk by. You have their count and they are unawares. Do you retreat and tell your team or do you want to act now and try your luck at putting them down?”


Huh, I hadn’t considered this.

To my mind, going “unnoticed”, is the ability to blend into the crowd. ie Hiding in plain sight. Which is better suited to a disguise or performing skill.

Being “stealthy” is the ability to remain obscured from detection. ie Hiding in the shadows. Which is a skill related to dexterity and knowing the environment (wisdom?)



I love these discussions.

My interpretation of ‘Go Unnoticed’ is purely as it reads, just a combat ability. You’re just the last one to be targeted.