Starting spells in Core 2nd edition without Magic expansion



Hello Shield Wallers,

I got my core 2nd edition book yesterday and I am planning on running my first session tonight. I suspect, one of my players will want a caster of some sort. (Can’t wait!)

I know part of the caster journey is the acquisition of spells, but how many spells do you usually give each caster when starting a character? The class suggest a starting spell but do you allow them more typically?

Edit: If I am asking for something, I might as well give something. Here is my idea for a mentor: The Chaos Mage, she is a little folk (dwarf in my minds eye) wild Mage. As an NPC, she is a "Gandalf-ish but when rolling a check or attemps on a 1 or an 20, She cast herself in astral travel. Roll d100: results 1-10 are the moments before she reapears, 11-50 are the hours she is gone and 51-100 are the days she is gone. feel free to use it.


I start them with one spell and allow them to learn new spells as milestones, loot, or becoming an apprentice. This keeps them happy and makes learning a new spell more exciting (in my opinion). If you give it several spells, remember your spell timers. I forget half the time.


I have started new casters with anywhere between 2 to 4 starting spells, depending on the game I am running.


I like to give them a choice of 2 from the core list and the opportunity to create one additional spell themselves (I review it to make sure the mechanics make sense).


For some strange reason the spellcasting characters begin with 1 spell in the ICRPG CORE book but with 2 spells in the ICRPG Quickstart. Maybe it’s a kind of errata.

Personally I give 2 spells to my players.


While rolling up a wizard, you can have your player roll a D4 for the number of spells they start with.

This could represent their degree of education leading up to the current point in time.


I’ve yet to actually play, but have wondered this myself. I think to bolster a more traditional sense of a caster, one can offer whatever makes sense to start with spell-wise, but say that minor magical effects are possible too. Like cantrips that are harmless or only do minor effects, such as prestidigitation, light, mage hand, etc.