Starting Loot - Open to ALL Classes?



Evening Everyone!

Has anyone ever opened up the Starting Class Loot to all Character Classes for ultimate mix and matching?

For example, if someone wanted to make a GISH (magic swordsman) at the start of the game, would it be okay to make a Warrior Class with the Ability Slayer, but have the Starting Loot be the Memory Ring from the Mage Class?

What do y’all think?


Yes! Since the beginning of ICRPG!!! Go nuts.


Good to hear from you again Alex :D! Thanks for always giving great advice.


I haven’t messed with this specifically, but I want to play a game where the Heroes get both an Alfheim Class and a Warp Shell Class to up the power level.


Anytime. From my standpoint, I want players to make the character they envision. To that end, players should work with their DMs to come up with good starting characters. A good rule of thumb is one starting ability and one starting loot for any character, plus the normal pieces of starting equipment, but those can come from any class or setting. Or substitute a milestone ability or milestone loot in plane or a starting ability. Or grab a piece of epic loot. Or a tier milestone. Or a spell. Personally, I think nearly anything is fair game at character creation, within reason. For example, I probably wouldn’t let someone start with the wish ring, or the spell that heals every part member. Those can come later. But otherwise, my rule is to work with your DM to make a cool starting character. Make a witch hunter. Or a pit fighter. Or a kleptomaniac goblin with a bunch of weird little items (children’s blocks, a hairpin lock pick, and a chicken). Or that pompous battle cleric paladin demon hunter no one can stand. Short answer from above, go nuts, within reason, as long as you and the DM agree, and you’re not trying to outshine or outmunchkin your playing partners.


Haven’t done it, but definitely would allow.


Have you ever read any fantasy novels from the legendary appendix N? then you must realize none of the famous characters that shaped DnD were definable by the standard classes- conan, grey mouser and Fafrd , Elric…etc. 3 of the list i gave could cast spells. (conan no, but not sure about Fafrd) ICRPG was built to fix the problems of fantasy rpgs. It’s a tool box and tools are for fixing things.