Spells only restore in towns/true safety?


I think this is the impression I had, I’m starting a campaign tomorrow and one of the players is interested in being a wizard, and I’m not sure if he should recover spells every day, or if it takes going back to town to rest, according to p.37 of the book!

I appreciate any insight!


I let my casters regain it at the end of a night’s rest, even if they’re out adventuring. If it’s particularly dangerous, then we use the Yes/No die to see if they recover spell uses.

They can’t make upgrades or changes or modifications until in safety and with proper resources in world.


The YES/NO Dice is a great idea, thanks! I was afraid of letting them go on quests that take them far from safe towns/settlements and the casters becoming useless!

I have yet another question: many parts of the rulebook mention rolling to cast spells, but from what I see spells are just spend to cast. What is rolling to casting referring to? Is it about Wild Magic?


Before I give an answer let me start with what I hope is a normal understanding.
Always do you what is the most fun at your table.

Now if you want to go by the rules yes (per page 37) it would take going back to Safely (doesn’t always need to be in town) to recover spells. However if you look to page 12 where it talks about Rest and Recover it does talk about the ability “Take a Breath” when there are no enemies or timers incoming. At that point you could allow them to recover 1d4 casts.

I use a slight change where the caster only needs to be back in town to recover a spell if it has 0 castings left. I then only allow them to recover a total of 1d4 castings of spells when they “Take a Breath” if the spell currently has at least 1 cast left. We like to do this for two main reasons. First it proves more incentive to get more than cast of a spell and it really make the caster think hard about using that last casting of a spell. The other reason is it fells more like the attrition system, Where the characters are slowly getting beat down as the adventure moves on and makes getting back to town fell all that much better.


The rolling for the spell would be if they are using unstable or Infernal magic (pages 42 & 43) and want to avoid having the bad side effect. It also comes in with the use of the Wizard Savant core ability.


I see! I was confused about the terminology of “roll to cast”, and just wanted to make sure I understand things since I’ll be teaching it to new players. Thanks again!


First time to the forum, bare with me here…

I’d like to get an official answer on this. It kinda reads like you’d have to take a full rest (over night), which is par for the course for most RPG’s. However, i really like your idea with spell recovery after ‘take a breather’ and limitation on empty slots all together.

Anyways, is there an official answer to this?

Also, looking at the rules for custom spells, i’m wondering if i have the correct math here during character creation…

I make a wizard. I give him one basic spell “Ghost Blade”, which hits 1D2 targets. I want to be able to cast it multiple times and the rules say “no single affect can be stacked more than 3 times total”. Does this mean i can get Ghost Blade with 4 total casts? I’m thinking you get one cast for taking the spell, and then you can take a modification on table 'Group Affect #1", option #3… three times, maximum. This sound right?


100% correct for number of casts with a spell. You get 1 cast with the spell on it’s own, then can stack 3 extra casts for a total 4. :metal::fire: