Spell Limitations


The book states:

Add limitations to the spell to get its cost down as needed. Each limitation reduces spell cost by 3. Cost can never be less than 1 point.

It seems there is no end to this? I have found no reference to how many times this can be applied.



I saw that, but ‘effects’ are not limitations.


You can’t stack the same limitation really. It doesn’t work based on what these limitations do.

HOWEVER, real example: my wizard player wants to add UNSTABLE and INFERNAL on one of his powerful spells. I called him a mad lad for trying this, but I told him that he can, but has to roll TWICE when the spell is cast. Once for Unstable and once for Infernal.

He has a magic skill of 12. So there is a 40% chance of a problem each time he rolls for that spell :money_mouth_face:


My concern is just the ability to apply like half a dozen limitations to make some nuke spell.

It seems there should be a limit beyond the limitations themselves.


Feel free to discuss with your player that certain things do not stock or make sense. In most cases, having all of those Limitations will not be problematic. If you have an example of really trying to cheese the system, let me know or see it! I’d love to give recs!


RE: Unstable AND Infernal limitations
Someone likes playing with FIRE! Good luck team haha :heart: (love this idea)