Spell Damage vs Creatures



The players guide pretty much says a basic spell would do 1D6 damage. Does a mage ‘roll to hit’? Does a monster have anything to adjust the damage down?

Maybe I missed it, but couldn’t find the play-by-play on casting spells against creatures.


If you spell is doing damage (like a magic missile or fire blast or something to that affect) it is doing a base amount of 1d6 to the enemy. This works exactly as a normal weapon attack (meaning no attack roll). Keep in mind the enemy defense value still needs to be rolled over. As the book states, this should already feel very limiting and will have Casters finding a way to spend more points and adding limitations to spells to make them more potent.

Another point I want to address is that there are enemies in the book that are immune to mundane sources of damage and will require magic or another type of enchantment to damage.

If your enemy is particularly weak to magic damage, you could give the caster and extra die (much like a DEADLY weapon) or have them ignore any and all DEF for that spell damage.


Whoa, ok so the enemy DEF score adjust BOTH physical damage from a sword or axe or whatever, AND magical damage via spells. Correct?


That’s how I have been playing it on my table, but most of my casters are support/utility casters (Blessings, invisible walls, stormcalling, healing).

You could just ignore DEF for Magic. No Save or Defense for the enemy, since that is what HP is for. Plus, it’s not really overpowered since it requires a limited resource, such as castings (each spell starts off only with one casting).