Southern Indiana LFG


Hi there!
My wife and I are looking for a group to join in the southern Indiana area. Think Columbus IN, but can do online if needed.

My biggest drawback is my hours of work. It’s a rotating 12hr shift 6p to 6a…

I’m open to any ideas, this will be my wife’s first foray into table top gaming! Which is a big reason why I chose icrpg, it’s exciting, fast paced and easy to learn.

Thanks for your time!


If you don’t find any home groups you are welcome to play with me.
I run games on evenings in Sweden which should be noon-ish for you guys. Does that work with your schedule?


If you are willing to DM then you can quite easily find players at the local board game shops and board game cafes. Google tells me that there are at least 3 around you. If you post on their facebook group or contact the manager you will find players.



I dont live in your area, but, Im more than willing to run a game for you around your schedule. My wife is also a gamer, and usually has a spot in all of my games, so your wife would definitely have some girl power backup! Ive run a ton of games but we are just moving in to ICRPG and we love it.
It probably wont be until after June 1, but Im putting an adventure together now and youd be more than welcome!


June 1 or about then would be great! I created a short one shot, geared twords a solo player, with the help of a npc companion. She loved it…I’m not even that good at story telling either!

I do have overtime scheduled for 6/1, but am free 5/31 and 6/2. And available on 6/5-6/6. Let me know if any of those work for you. :+1:


Lets aim for 6-5 or 6-6. What time of day is good?


Probably around 5 or 6 pm, give me some time to get some coffee down lol!


Am I the only person on this forum without a wife? Anyways, so cool your wives play.


Hahaha! Well it has just been recently. I started watching Matt Colville and she took to him right away…must be the beard (makes note), and after watching a couple of his D&D sessions she started asking questions about it. And let me tell you, this woman could make a great DM…the stories she can tell, by the God’s!