Sorcerer, How to Enhance Spells?



Do Sorcerers only “enhance” spells via the “Scribed in Flesh” and “Herbalism” methods?

Reason for Asking:

  1. Page 74, for the “Sorcerer-Just the Basics” magical path, it states that Sorcerers “Enhance … spells in simple rest and safety” but also states “Cannot create or use Custom Spells.”

  2. I’m working under the assumption that spending Hero Points to “upgrade” a basic spell violates number 1 above (i.e., upgrading a spell is the same as customizing a spell) because it is in the section titled “Custom Spells.”

Thanks for the help!


I was kind of confused on the differences between spellcasters too. I think that you have it correct where Sorcerers can’t upgrade spells with Hero Points.


The way I see it, enhancing a basic spell is not the same as a custom spell. A custom spell is a spell that does something other than what the basic spells do. Not just that it does it better. But that is just me and as always do what is the most fun at your table.

For me sorcerers have the ability to use hero points to enhance spells but only the basic spells. I look at the basic spell list as the limited set of spells that a Sorcerer is able to just figure out by “winging it”. They can figure out how to make those spells and then by playing around with it they can make them better.

But Sorcerers just don’t really understand magic on an academic level so they know doing a thing works but they don’t really understand why it works or maybe it just works for them.

So having a limit set of spells to work with they use other methods such as herbalism to off set what they can do with magic.


Ooh, I like that explanation a lot. Probably what I will end up doing for my game.


Hear, hear! Thank you, ArmoredCow, for this thoughtful approach!