Some stuff I 3d Printed for my GM's kit


I made a few things for my GM’s kit that I thought I would share here.

First off, these Chess Coins can be used for generic monsters and NPC’s. Very light weight and portable, and you can use the different icons to represent different types of creatures (Minions, bruisers, magic users, bosses etc). Thingiverse link here:

Second I made these Surge Capsule tokens for my Altered State game. Just something simple for each player to hold onto as a reminder about Surge.

What do you think?


I think they’re badass! Especially those cyberpunk tokens. :smiley:

One thing that also worked for me was using monster tokens with letters or numbers. That way, when you place several tokens on the table, players can ask, “Am I close enough to #5 to hit?” or “Hey, ‘B’ is the one that’s almost dead, right?”


Good call for sure! I like to keep them super simple though, I can manage to track them if only using a few at a time. I think they will be really handy! Now to get them painted up. Luckily my friend is an excellent Warhammer painter.


Using generic NPC/monster tokens is really great! I’ve crafted some printed papertokens with some adhesive epoxy domes - I love the flexiblity


Yeah! I am always finding myself digging out monster pawns last minute, so I wanted something like this instead. I was going to do the same style you have at first, but we have two 3d printers at my workplace so I figured I would try this out.


Excellent! These tokens are versatile!


Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, hopefully soon.