Some new Cthulhu content


Howdy! First post, thought I’d share a blog post I just put up. In it are some ICRPG Classes for a Cthulhu setting, updated and expanded SANITY mechanics, and a full LOOT table. Hope you all enjoy, please tell me what you think and if you’d want to see more stuff like this, or even just some more ICRPG content! ICRPG is near and dear to my heart, so I’m excited to settle in to this community.

ICRPG Loot, classes, and updated SANITY for a Cthulhu setting:


Hey, so far so good, I like all of that! Thanks!


Good Stuff… this would go well with the Beneath the Door setting!


Thanks! That was my jumping off point, and you can see a lot of vestiges of those inspirations in the LOOT table and Sanity mechanics- the Silver Ring is right up there at the top of the LOOT table.

I’m going to try and write up the campaign I got halfway through running with these rules soon, so when those become available, I’ll be sure to post them here.


Yeah great stuff, serious resource, thank ya!


I love the idea of Sanity as essentially hit points. I also like that you could probably build an adventure around several of the items (For example Aeloth’s Eye could be a just weird enough item to be the mcguffin for a story).

Thanks for sharing!


Here’s a campaign framework for the rules I posted. Enjoy!


Cults and plants. Enjoy!