Solo play



The advantages of ICRPG like target numbers, everything taking turns, and loot-based progression make it very easy and fun to use in single player. Hankerin’ has made a solid system for loot via drops and purchases. You can and should use both methods.
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This is the first RPG I tried solo and honestly I found it worked pretty elegantly. What had the most significant impact for me was thinking outside the box to justify using a better die for effort/damage rolls. For example, when fighting a guard unarmed, instead of just attacking with a 1d4 damage, I had my character attempt to tackle the guard. If successful, he wouldn’t do any damage but the guard would have to spend an action attempting to break free with a contested Strength roll and if not, my PC would have advantage next turn on damage. It’s a fun mental exercise that will serve you well in any system.

If you can, I would supplement ICRPG with Crown and Skull. C&S has some really great solo tools like their mapless dungeon mechanics, though I personally prefer ICRPG as a system. It also has a really useful setting right out of the box.


Yes, and just like my other solo games and ICRPG games. I use Mythic Game Master Emulator to answer questions the GM would know, the rest is things my character does or learns through ability rolls.