Skywhale Dungeon


The Belly of the Skywhale

You see before you the greatest beast you have ever seen. A massive whale, bigger than any dragon, with whiskers and huge teeth. It opens its mouth as it nears you, and you see what looks like a doorway further in.

Upon entry you are swallowed. Roll a random place to end up


1: Brain. The brain of the whale, pulsing with electricity, touching the brain with metal or flesh causes brutal attrition. Roll resist to take half.

2: Stomach. A sea of acid, a group of merpeople have made houses that float on it. If the acid is touched, take destroy attrition. In 2d6 phases the stomach will rumble, roll evade (or a similar skill) or fall in a random direction*.

3: Ambergris store. A small room covered in precious ambergris. Once it has been aged ambergris smells sweet and mossy, currently it smells like feces. Roll 2d6, in that many phases the players have to make a resist check or lose a turn gagging and retching.

4: Maw (exit**). The creatures mouth, massive teeth block your exit. A large makes it hard to walk here, your movement speed is halved.


1: Merfolk patrol. 2 merfolk are in this room, on high alert. They will attack if provoked, or if ambergris is mentioned

2: Zombie fish. 2d6 Of the animated corpses-the whales favorite food.

3: Dead adventurers. The bodies of those who went before. Holding some ambegris, and 1d4 basic items. Died of starvation.

4: Blowhole. Everyone rolls evade, or something similar. Those who fail take basic attrition and are knocked in a random direction*.

*If totm, there is a 1 in 4 chance that they fall into the acid. If using maps and tokens, roll a d12 and translate that to numbers on a clock, or roll a direction die.
**The skywhales mouth is shut tight. The players must find a way to open it, eg: do something to the brain, talk to the whale, make it vomit, etc. Wait till the players think of something creative, and run with it.


Exits: Blowhole or eat your way out. Smoke from a fire would work. (Blowhole encounter could end up in ejecting the players)

Ambergris is worth tons of money. What is it worth in C&S?

Locations 4. “A large” What? “makes it hard to walk here.” Why?


Since it’s used to craft medicines, spice, and perfumes maybe some alchemist would pay ‘Rare Find’ prices? 10 Points.