Skills and Flat rolls


Some thoughts on flat rolls and skills.

Is there going to be a guide for Gm’s when calling for flat rolls. The idea of a lower number is actually harder might be new to some people and I think a short example might help enforce the concept (Ex. 16 is easy, 11 is moderate, and 6 is hard).
Also, should I adjust the flat roll based on character backgrounds, or core concepts (maybe by a point or two)

Next, If I call for a flat roll but my player has a skill that has a better chance of success. I’m guessing it would be ok for that player to substitute the flat roll for the skill.



Each number on the d20 is 5%. So, if I tell you 10 on a d20 it means 50%. If I tell you 5 then it’s 25%. So it’s up to you to think if 25% is a fair chance for what the PC wants to accomplish.

As for adjusting the flat roll according to a skill or background, ICRPG does this already with Easy/Hard: adjust by ±3 once and that’s it. :smile: