Skills and Flat rolls


Some thoughts on flat rolls and skills.

Is there going to be a guide for Gm’s when calling for flat rolls. The idea of a lower number is actually harder might be new to some people and I think a short example might help enforce the concept (Ex. 16 is easy, 11 is moderate, and 6 is hard).
Also, should I adjust the flat roll based on character backgrounds, or core concepts (maybe by a point or two)

Next, If I call for a flat roll but my player has a skill that has a better chance of success. I’m guessing it would be ok for that player to substitute the flat roll for the skill.



Each number on the d20 is 5%. So, if I tell you 10 on a d20 it means 50%. If I tell you 5 then it’s 25%. So it’s up to you to think if 25% is a fair chance for what the PC wants to accomplish.

As for adjusting the flat roll according to a skill or background, ICRPG does this already with Easy/Hard: adjust by ±3 once and that’s it. :smile:


I am still quite confused by flat rolls and skilled rolls. As you know, the book says the following:

Call for D20 Rolls: There will be many moments when it’s unclear what to roll. Use D20 for opposed rolls, or use a ‘flat’ target value of 6. Having a useful skill is always better than an improvised D20 roll, but be ready to devise, announce, and adjust on-the-fly rolls.

The players decide to jump across a ravine. The jump skill says the following: Jump: Leap with uncanny agility, out-jumping the untrained by 3-fold.
One player has jump @3 and the other three don’t have it at all. It’s not a particularly difficult jump at 3 meters. I decide to give a target number of 8 for the jump. Based on how I understand it, the untrained characters have to roll an 8 or less and the trained character has to roll a 3 or less…?


Someone else mentioned this but it might be easier to consider skills instead as abilities. Either you have it or not. A 3 meter jump might be something a character that is skilled in Jump can just do, no role needed. However those unskilled would have to make a check. Or if the distance was greater, say 5 meters or more, the skilled player might be the only one who can make a check and it’s just impossible for those unskilled.


I don’t know if this helps, but I had similar questions a while back. This thread has a lot of good discussion in it that I found helpful.